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Love Drop: $30,000 Given In Four Months

by Joshua on September 10, 2011

“That’s a crap load of love.”

So stated a friend of mine via Google Chat after she had taken a look at our latest page, detailing everything that Love Drop has given away since its launch in January. And you know what? She’s right. I wasn’t the one who built this page – it was my business partner J. Money. So even I wasn’t prepared for the sheer volume of the gifts the Love Drop community has given to these deserving families.

Over $30,000 worth of cash, goods and services freely given away in just four months . . . all using the principle of micro-giving. It’s easy for me to get lost in the business operations of this project, because it’s a full-time job. But every once in a while I take a giant step back and look out over what we’re all accomplishing together, and I’m blown away. I hear my mind shouting at me, “We’re really doing it!

Most of the people on our team give $5 per month. That’s it. For just five dollars a month they get to be a part of a caring community that literally changes lives every single month. They get to see exactly where their money is going, too. In fact, not only where, but when as well. Every time someone contributes to Love Drop, they get a detailed account, both written and through our web video coverage, within four weeks of giving. We literally show up on the family’s doorstep and shower them with anything our community can think of to help them along on their journey.

This project is incredibly powerful. We all have the cabability of making such a huge impact with such a small effort.
And we’re doing it. Thank you all so much for being a part of it.

And hey, if you like what we’re doing, share it with your friends. As you’ve now seen, every dollar counts. :)

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  • Sarah

    So. Amazing.

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